ALERT: New Recirculated Cellphone Numbers Bank Scam

fraud123Have you ever lost you phone number because it has not been in use?
I’m sure many of us have.
Is this number still linked to your banking profile or / and OTP or as a secondary OTP backup number?
The new person with your number will get access to your account and be able to do any transaction they please.

The cellphone companies do not care and never really warn you about this.

Is your number linked to your Google Account for backup verification? Your FaceBook and Google accounts can get hacked to this way as well.

HOW TO FIX THIS: Please make sure that all your bank accounts and other internet accounts are all up to date and that your old numbers are either working or not used anymore even as secondary contacts on accounts.



South Africa Latest Crime Statistics Released – Murders up by 5%

SA Murder rate goes up 5%

Pretoria – The number of murders increased by 800 in the past financial year, national police commissioner Riah Phiyega said on Friday.

Murder up by 5%
Attempted murder up by 4.6%
Hijackings increased by 5.4%

Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm increased by 1.5% and robbery with aggravated circumstances was up by 12.7%. Common robbery went up by 0.6%.Drug-related crimes increased by 26.1% in the past financial year. Rape decreased (hard to believe)

People will argue it has to do with unemployment – But why does India which has a much worse unemployment rate half much lest robberies and murders than in South Africa. The answer would be a stricter system which when you are caught, you know you are going to pay the price as well as harsher sentences and no option to easily get parole after a few months in prison. Besides the unemployment / poverty story, if our investigation system (CID – Criminal Investigation Department) was better, more people would think twice and also if our police’s response time was better.

Many people are now saying that the justice system has really failed us in this country. An ATM bomber also gets 22 years in jail and then Oscar Pistorius will probably get a few months and the most he can get is 15 years with chance of a reduced sentence. The justice system makes no sense.


Police Harassment At Night

In this post, I will first go over 2 stories that have happened 1 week after the other and then also deal with ways of how we can prevent police harassment and what to do if it happens to you.

Justine (surname hidden for protection) recently drove late at night being following by a police car. The police car landed up flashing her with their blue lights. She was scared so she drove a little more as she was very close to her house. The cops put up their sirens and she stopped. The cops (2 males) landed up asking her to climb out of her car and frisked her and took her phone and started looking through her phone numbers. She asked them what this was about.

The police office said “We have a right to search you as we think you are hiding something”. They landed up trying to frisk her and she screamed. They told her they will lock her up if she refuses and that nobody was around. She said she was sorry and started crying. The men said they would make her life a nightmare if she says one word about this. They took her cigarettes and told her they are the law. Luckily the lady was not taken somewhere into a field, raped and then killed.

A week after, we got a call from a gentleman and a lady who were stopped along a not so busy road. They were not drunk all car licensing was in order. Usually when a policeman stops you, they give you a reason. These policemen landed up searching the whole car as they said they suspected the people of a robbery. “We think they thought because it was late at night, that we might be a little drunk and ask us for bribes”. The man, George told the policeman that he can test them for alcohol levels, and the cop straight away said to shut up or he will take him down to the station. They were searched and one of the cops tried to steal the digital camera we had in the back seat.

Luckily we saw him even though the one cop tried with a distraction. We asked him if he liked the camera and he put it on and even tried to steal the memory card out of there. He landed up throwing it onto the backseat. One of the officers also searched the girlfriend in the most horrible inappropriate way. We thought that only a female officer is allowed to frisk a female and vice versa. “We cannot trust the police anymore”.

In a separate case, there has been a police car cloned with people who are not really policemen. Both this and the other cases above could prove fatal so please read the following tips and stay safe!

Now for the tips:

1. Try your best to not drive alone at night especially if you are a woman.

2. Try take busy roads where there are lots of lighting and traffic.

3. When you leave your friends / families house, make sure you tell them that if you do not let them know you are okay within half an hour or however long it should take, they must know something is wrong and follow you or get some help.

4. If you are going to friends / family from your home, let them know you are on your way and if you don’t come back they must look for you!

5. If you have to go into a very quiet dark road, make sure you are not being followed into that road and that there are no police or other suspicious vehicles hiding in that road! You don’t know who to trust these days. However if somebody besides the police is following you, drive past those police officers if they are in your road as they will probably help you as catching a criminal will be good in their books. Alternatively drive to the nearest police station or very busy area like a busy garage full of cars if you have to.

6. Ask a security company to perhaps follow you home or 4-5 people in a car following you especially if you are a single lady in the car.

7. Download a security app that sends out a distress signal to selected friends / family members with your GPS co-ordinates. Also those apps in some cases can be linked with your security company. USE A EMERGENCY alarm that some tracking companies have. Sometimes the reaction time is less than 10 minutes.

8. Hide valuables in your car. Do not keep money on you. If you believe you are being followed… this is the time you get on your phone even while driving and phone your friends and the police if you have to.

9. A good tip – When the police stop you… make sure you make like you are on your phone and let your friends know you have been stopped… let the cops think you are phoning your friends if you don’t get a chance to and make sure the cops hear that you tell them where you are and for example to open up the gate for you.

10. If the cop stops you tell them your friend just phoned you they are waiting by the gate down the road so the cops will know they will come looking for you.

11. The cops will mostly stop to harass you in a quiet road, but if you are in a busy road, try and slow down to see if they go past you. If not stay there in the busy area. If you can, just drive to the garage hopefully there are cars and lots of lighting there.

12. If you have been stopped and the lights / sirens go off, you are going against the law if you do not stop. Do not give them the excuse to arrest you / really harass you. Like I suggest, see points 8, 9 and 10 above. Make sure that if you suspect any activity, use point 7 if you have that option.

13. What is important is stay calm and don’t swear at anybody. You can only report it later on once they have left. Then this case will be investigated probably without any results. Since this has been happening more often, chances are you might be lucky to see some justice.

14. It would be nice if you have access to get a secret recording device and start it when you suspect anything. Some GPS trackers actually have a microphone record button. Do not record from your phone and then hide it otherwise the police might look and find the phone and see what you are doing. Things could get real ugly. Maybe have a hidden phone recording application that is hidden from the police.

These tips could save your life and could allow you to prosecute these people abusing their ranks in the police force. It might seem extreme, but over 50 people have complained about this in the East Rand area alone and hundreds in Gauteng. Don’t let this happen to you.


Are the banks involved – Inside Job?

Recently after opening a bank account, I have started receiving Phishing emails from that bank only. So why for some reason if you open up a bank account at a bank, most of the spam fraudulent emails come from that bank only and not other banks.

After speaking with a few colleagues and over 100 people, we were shocked to find out a very similar situation. Have a look at this:

“I have never had an email address before. I got one so that I could use it to receive my statement via email”. The only people who knew my email address was my bank”.

In addition part of the email has read the following:

“You recently opened a bank account with our bank”

Come on this can’t always be a coincidence. Something is not right. It can either be the banker who assisted in opening the account or the bank giving out the email address to 3rd parties. It can also be somebody with access to records.

How many times have you received email specials from different companies even after you specified not to be informed of any specials. This is not right. And have you ever tried reporting this? You wait on the phone for over 3 hours and then sent to 5 different people to speak to. You are not likely to ever find out what is happening.

The bottom line – Be careful when clicking on a statement – Some attachments are actually viruses and never login after clicking on an email link. Or even better, make use of your online banking but make sure you use a good anti-virus and firewall on your system.


Till Snatch at Makro

This happened a while back and many people we spoke to have not seen this. Have a look at this incident. Do you think they were all in on it? Scary stuff hey. They should keep a better eye on people with small items like just a small water or a chocolate as they are the ones more likely to be involved in such a scam. You can start watching at around 45 seconds from the start if you are in a hurry but watch everything it just goes to show!

Click here to view the video


New ATM Scanning Devices – ATM Clones – Card Fraud

It has recently come to light that criminals are becoming more cunning in their plans to trick
unsuspecting ATM users out of their funds.  A new device has been discovered, images and
descriptions below, which have been found in Shopping Centres, petrol stations and convenience
stores all over JHB.

Please be aware of these and do not consider this to be something that you will not be a victim of,
chances are, they may already have your details without you even knowing.








These devices, as seen above, are used to scan magstrip details directly from your ATM card.
Simultaneously, while your magstrip is being read, a camera located in the side of the “Skimmer” is
viewing every key you push on the keypad.  This means that not only do criminals have your card
information but also your pin number, making it simple to transfer your details to any card with a
magstrip (Edgars card, expired bank cards, Clicks card, etc) and draw funds from an ATM without your
knowledge.  Please make you friends and family aware of these devices, with an increase of
awareness you may not become a victim.








ATM skimmers: How can you spot a skimming device?

Disguised to seamlessly look like part of an ATM, “skimmers” are devices installed by
thieves to surreptitiously swipe your credit and debit-card information.

How can you tell whether an ATM may have a skimmer installed? And what can you do
at an ATM to protect your information?

If you look at one of these skimmers, they look like part of the machine.  Before swiping
your debit, cheque or credit card, wiggle the protruding slot in which you slide your card,
thieves often install skimmers on top of the ATM’s actual slot and secure the skimmer
with adhesive. Check the device and wiggle it to see if it’s loose or if it falls off. Look for
remnants or residue of double-sided tape. Anything that looks unusual, check it out.

When you type in your PIN on the machine, cover it up so no one can see it, because
some have cameras that is reading or viewing your PIN as you enter it. Finally, if you’re
not sure, just don’t use the machine.









ATM card skimming device attached to ATM machine.
However despite their detailed design, the devices rely on double-sided adhesive and can come
loose.  ATM users are advised to check any machine before they use it. If the keypad is raised
above the surface of the desk at the ATM, it may be that thieves have installed a keypad over the
existing one.
Users are also advised to use only newer ATMs with a green plastic tab protruding from machine
next to the slot. The tab makes it much more difficult for a skimmer to be installed.



New SIM Swap Bank Fraud – Beware it can happen to you in your sleep

In the past few months, more and more people are becoming victims to what is known as SIM Card / OTP PIN bank fraud. Please have a look at the list below of some people who have been frauded out of a great sum of money:

Note which bank they all belong to

Rob Ermes…………………………..R180,000…………………Cell C………….ABSA
Mary-Anne Hattingh…………………R90,000…………………Cell C………….ABSA
Former ABSA employee……………R346,900……………….Cell C………….ABSA
Esmaré Weideman………………….R360,000……………….MTN……………ABSA
Murray Baxter……………………….R117,000…………………MTN…………..ABSA
Gail Peddie……………………………R67,500…………………MTN…………..ABSA
Susan de Klerk……………………..R159,000………………..MTN……………ABSA
Eugene Malan………………………..R97,000………………..MTN……………ABSA
Marco X……………………………….R50,000…………………MTN……………ABSA
Andro Nel……………………………..R19,150…………………MTN…………..ABSA
K Pillay………………………………..R44,000……………….Not reported…..ABSA
Eben van Heerden…………………R110,000……………….Not reported…..ABSA
Beaulinda Meyering…………………R15,000……………….Vodacom……..ABSA
Gerhard van Vuuren………………..R26,655……………….Vodacom………ABSA

Please feel free to add to this list if you have been a victim. Simply add your name, or initials, amount of money as well as the network operating and the bank name.

How it all works

1. Somebody finds out your banking log-in details either by:
a) Sending you a phishing email (not likely since we know by now and most of us are very careful). We also
have anti-phishing software running on our PCs most of the time.
b) Using stupid passwords (some of us still do this but not likely)
c) This leaves us with the sad part of somebody working inside the bank illegally getting your log in
credentials. Inside jobs are quite common in South Africa. It all boils down to security measures that
the banks take to protect your log-in details. It seems that most of these illegal transfers out of your bank
account happen to ABSA account users.

2. Your OTP (One time pin) is sent to your cellphone number so that you can enter it into your bank
account before the transaction takes effect. Now what these fraudsters do is go to a MTN store and simply
do a SIM swap and on the new SIM card, your number get’s copied. In other words, if they put their phone
on, and log into your bank account, they can do whatever they have full carte blanche with your bank
account and all your hard earned money.

Why out of all the OTP verification banks are some banks more common to this fraud than others? This is what some of our viewers think the problem might be. Remember you have the freedom of speech.

1. The bank does not have proper security measures to keep the users passwords safe and properly encrypted
2. There might perhaps be a backdoor somewhere in the banking system that people have figured out
3. Inside job / the bank attendant is watching as the person enters in their pin

It surely can’t only be blamed on phishing scams as otherwise all banks would have these problems !

How can I protect myself

1. Keep your savings in a closed account that no call-out can be done unless you sign papers inside the bank and takes a little while to get going.

2. Regularly check your bank account and keep up to date with what is going on.

3. Add SMS Alerts to all your transactions – Reporting this straight away can be sorted out in many cases

Disclaimer and Copyright:

The name ABSA, MTN, Vodacom and Cell C are all trademarks and belong to their respective owners. This is a free crime website with many contributors and the owners take no responsibility for what is said on this website.




USB Flash Drive Fraud

Have you ever come around a shopping mall such as East Rand Mall or similar to find somebody offering you a 64 GB Flash Drive for only R70? Usually when something is too good to be true, it is that way.

These things cost R560 and that is dealer price at the time of writing. This leaves 2 options.

Option 1: This stuff is genuine but stolen – Negative… It cannot be this way since

a) the packaging is all fake
b) there are way too many of these usb drives all in the same / similar packaging

Option 2: The stuff is fake – Positive

If you really want to waste your time, do the following:

Ask the person to open it up and put the drive in your PC to test the data.

Make sure to actually write 64GB to the USB drive and copy it back to your Laptop as some drives lie about the amount of space they have on them.In addition, in many cases, after 10 times of using this USB drive, it starts giving you major errors.

Guys, let’s not support these fraudsters who pick up these USB Drives for $3 (R25 more or less at time of writing). You will see, if you talk to them sometimes, they will even bring down the price to R30 ! No come on, that means they got it for R20 at least. So how can you get a 64 GB USB Drive for so cheap ?

Use your brains and stop looking for every **** bargain you can find ! Wake up and smell the coffee.

How to check if these things are fake… have a look at this user’s experience with a USB Drive


Deposit Refund Scam – Watch out!

This deposit refund scam is when criminals contact you telling you that an amount of money was deposited into your bank account by accident. Standard Bank warns against this new scam.

The idiot deposits a fraudulent / stolen cheque into your account and then calls you and claims that

  • funds were mistakenly deposited into your account or
  • the incorrect amount was paid into your account and you have been overpaid in respect of an order which you had in fact received.

The caller will ask you to refund the amount and will in turn fax a proof of payment to you. The ‘proof’ is either a copy of a deposit slip or an altered Internet banking payment confirmation. This is obviously very easy to do with today’s technologies.

If you look at your bank statement, it will show the transaction as a ‘Cheque Deposit’ and not an ‘Internet Banking Payment’. So after you have refunded the money electronically, you will never see it again following the reversal of the fraudulent deposit by the bank. Be very careful.

How you can avoid this:

  • Always make sure that deposited cheques are legitimate.
  • Request a special clearance on cheque deposits or wait until they have cleared completely.
  • Do not consent to the request.
  • Verify with your bank whether the transaction is valid.
  • Question whether the deposited cheque has been stolen.
  • Do not refund any monies until the cheque is fully paid/cleared.
  • Check that the proof of payment and your statement details add up and reflect the same reference details.
  • Never accept a notification of this nature as proof of deposit; rather obtain written verification from your bank before taking any action.

These scammers even have bank accounts with fake names. It just shows how corrupt some people in the actual banks can be to issue them with debit cards illegally and that is just one example. There was even a story where somebody opened an account with a copy of their id book and the other one had a fake id book which was all of a sudden overlooked by the bank staff member. After speaking to a bank manager, there are a few good ways to make sure the fake ID books will not work and to actually verify the person indeed is the one in the ID book.

Anyways be careful people and don’t forget to like our Face Book page on the right hand side of this website. The more people who know about us, the more this news can be spread.