USB Flash Drive Fraud

Have you ever come around a shopping mall such as East Rand Mall or similar to find somebody offering you a 64 GB Flash Drive for only R70? Usually when something is too good to be true, it is that way.

These things cost R560 and that is dealer price at the time of writing. This leaves 2 options.

Option 1: This stuff is genuine but stolen – Negative… It cannot be this way since

a) the packaging is all fake
b) there are way too many of these usb drives all in the same / similar packaging

Option 2: The stuff is fake – Positive

If you really want to waste your time, do the following:

Ask the person to open it up and put the drive in your PC to test the data.

Make sure to actually write 64GB to the USB drive and copy it back to your Laptop as some drives lie about the amount of space they have on them.In addition, in many cases, after 10 times of using this USB drive, it starts giving you major errors.

Guys, let’s not support these fraudsters who pick up these USB Drives for $3 (R25 more or less at time of writing). You will see, if you talk to them sometimes, they will even bring down the price to R30 ! No come on, that means they got it for R20 at least. So how can you get a 64 GB USB Drive for so cheap ?

Use your brains and stop looking for every **** bargain you can find ! Wake up and smell the coffee.

How to check if these things are fake… have a look at this user’s experience with a USB Drive