Do gear locks / steering locks / pedal locks really work?

Yes, certain gear locks can be removed within 2 minutes. Steering and pedal locks can be cut with a hacksaw or the newer stronger ones, with a special tool. In addition to the fact that all 3 locks can be picked by most experienced locksmiths.

That’s not the point… Time is of the essence…

When somebody sees 2 VW Citi Golfs next to each other, who would they pick? The one that is the easiest to steal. So they would pick the one without the gear lock.

So yes, the more you make the criminals life difficult, the less they will want your car. Maybe if you have a limited edition Golf mk2 – 2 door, then yes. But in that case, you shouldn’t be leaving that rare car unattended in the parking lot in the first place!

So yes, to answer your question, gear locks and those things actually work.

Ok let’s see, a decent gearlock, they tried a professional locksmith take it off 7 minutes, then the steering lock, another 4 minutes, then for the pedal lock, they for some reason couldn’t get it loose so they were forced to cut it (lucky it was not the thick type – another 5 minutes.. Then the immobilizer, 2 minutes (yes these guys are good). So yes almost 20 minutes so far. In that case, they will probably just rather look into the car and see what they can quickly steal – so don’t leave your radio or stuff lying around where they are visible.


Take precautions when locking your car

Thieves allegedly watch someone arrive and, once that person is out of the vehicle, press their remote and hold it down. When the owner attempts to lock their car, the signal is jammed and the car remains unlocked, with the owner just going off doing their shopping to come back and notice a stolen radio or even worse – an empty parking space. People should take extra caution when exiting their vehicles as theft with no sign of forcible entry is often found by top insurers in South Africa. Sure, with the newer vehicles, the remotes have encoded signals etc. but that does not stop thieves from blocking out the signal to the car. That can be done and any electronics genius will tell you that.