My Family Stickers can be dangerous

Yes, these stickers can really put you in danger and I’d recommend you share this with all your friends and family members.


Have a look to see why…

1. They tell Criminals how big your family is.
2. What you have in your household. Some stickers show pictures of a woman on a laptop.

3. If you have dogs and how many you have.

4. Tell the criminals whether you have weapons or not (Some family stickers show the father hunting with his rifle or holding a gun). This could scare them off but also let them know you have weapons to steal off of you.

There was a story actually where the people who were broken into actually were told by the criminals, “It’s all in the stickers on the back of your car.”

Now you might think this is farfetched, but it definitely could make you an easier target. You might have 2 stickers one for you and one for your spouse and then one for your cat. 90% of the people will include a picture of a dog if they had one. So now the criminals know they have a better chance robbing you than somebody else. You are actually making their lives a lot easier.

But anyways, who really cares about your family! And who you have in your family, what pets you have. It’s more of a showing off CUTE type effort story for your friends and family to see. It’s all about the fun factor. But this really is not a good idea and makes you a target.