Till Snatch at Makro

This happened a while back and many people we spoke to have not seen this. Have a look at this incident. Do you think they were all in on it? Scary stuff hey. They should keep a better eye on people with small items like just a small water or a chocolate as they are the ones more likely to be involved in such a scam. You can start watching at around 45 seconds from the start if you are in a hurry but watch everything it just goes to show!

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New ATM Scanning Devices – ATM Clones – Card Fraud

It has recently come to light that criminals are becoming more cunning in their plans to trick
unsuspecting ATM users out of their funds.  A new device has been discovered, images and
descriptions below, which have been found in Shopping Centres, petrol stations and convenience
stores all over JHB.

Please be aware of these and do not consider this to be something that you will not be a victim of,
chances are, they may already have your details without you even knowing.








These devices, as seen above, are used to scan magstrip details directly from your ATM card.
Simultaneously, while your magstrip is being read, a camera located in the side of the “Skimmer” is
viewing every key you push on the keypad.  This means that not only do criminals have your card
information but also your pin number, making it simple to transfer your details to any card with a
magstrip (Edgars card, expired bank cards, Clicks card, etc) and draw funds from an ATM without your
knowledge.  Please make you friends and family aware of these devices, with an increase of
awareness you may not become a victim.








ATM skimmers: How can you spot a skimming device?

Disguised to seamlessly look like part of an ATM, “skimmers” are devices installed by
thieves to surreptitiously swipe your credit and debit-card information.

How can you tell whether an ATM may have a skimmer installed? And what can you do
at an ATM to protect your information?

If you look at one of these skimmers, they look like part of the machine.  Before swiping
your debit, cheque or credit card, wiggle the protruding slot in which you slide your card,
thieves often install skimmers on top of the ATM’s actual slot and secure the skimmer
with adhesive. Check the device and wiggle it to see if it’s loose or if it falls off. Look for
remnants or residue of double-sided tape. Anything that looks unusual, check it out.

When you type in your PIN on the machine, cover it up so no one can see it, because
some have cameras that is reading or viewing your PIN as you enter it. Finally, if you’re
not sure, just don’t use the machine.









ATM card skimming device attached to ATM machine.
However despite their detailed design, the devices rely on double-sided adhesive and can come
loose.  ATM users are advised to check any machine before they use it. If the keypad is raised
above the surface of the desk at the ATM, it may be that thieves have installed a keypad over the
existing one.
Users are also advised to use only newer ATMs with a green plastic tab protruding from machine
next to the slot. The tab makes it much more difficult for a skimmer to be installed.