Are the banks involved – Inside Job?

Recently after opening a bank account, I have started receiving Phishing emails from that bank only. So why for some reason if you open up a bank account at a bank, most of the spam fraudulent emails come from that bank only and not other banks.

After speaking with a few colleagues and over 100 people, we were shocked to find out a very similar situation. Have a look at this:

“I have never had an email address before. I got one so that I could use it to receive my statement via email”. The only people who knew my email address was my bank”.

In addition part of the email has read the following:

“You recently opened a bank account with our bank”

Come on this can’t always be a coincidence. Something is not right. It can either be the banker who assisted in opening the account or the bank giving out the email address to 3rd parties. It can also be somebody with access to records.

How many times have you received email specials from different companies even after you specified not to be informed of any specials. This is not right. And have you ever tried reporting this? You wait on the phone for over 3 hours and then sent to 5 different people to speak to. You are not likely to ever find out what is happening.

The bottom line – Be careful when clicking on a statement – Some attachments are actually viruses and never login after clicking on an email link. Or even better, make use of your online banking but make sure you use a good anti-virus and firewall on your system.