How to lessen car theft at shopping malls

1. Make sure you park as close as possible to where people walk around, where it is busy preferably close to the shop entrances.

2. See if you can park as close as possible to cameras. Lots of more malls have cameras these days but the cameras do not always zoom as far as possible and in most cases are cheap camera makes. Rather park close to a camera.

3. Have a steering lock, a gear lock and proper immobilizer as well as a special tracker that alerts you straight away if something is happening. If there are 2 Toyota Yaris cars next to each other, they will steal the one without the extra measures since it is easier to steal. Period.

4. Do not always rely on security guards. It is amazing what a R200 note can do in some instances. People have tipped security guards every single time and then their car still gets stolen.

5. Park in ticket parking bays not in the open. You at least get better protection as there are cameras in those entrances in most cases as well as it will be harder for the person to leave without a ticket.

NOTE: Criminals land up in some cases pressing the green button and getting their own ticket while walking in which they can use to exit the premises or can find a lost ticket by going out saying they lost their ticket, paying R50 for a lost ticket and then using that ticket again to exist with your vehicle. Silly but they do it and their cars have fake number plates in most cases.

6. Always go check up on your car from time to time. Show the security guards you are also checking up on your car so they know in case they are part of the theft.

I hope that helps and safe shopping !!!