Citizen’s Arrest


Any private citizen may execute an arrest without a warrant on a person who commits or attempt to commit a schedule 1 offence. A South African Citizen may also arrest anyone attempting to escape lawful custody.
South African citizens have the right to arrest any person engaged in fighting. Upon arrest a suspect must be informed of the reason for the arrest.

South African citizens are PRIVATELY LIABLE if they perform an unlawful arrest

Examples of Schedule 1 Offences:
– Treason and Sedition
– Murder and Culpable Homicide
– Rape, Indecent Assault and any Sexual offences against a child or the mentally disabled
– Theft, Robbery, Breaking and knowingly receiving stolen goods
– Kidnapping and Fraud
– Public Violence or Assault
– Arson and Malicious Damage to property
From the moment of arrest, the suspect has the right to consult a lawyer. Apart from giving his name and
address, the suspect is under no obligation to answer any questions.

Examples of offences NOT Schedule 1:
– Sodomy and Prostitution
– Drug Dealing
– Public Drunkenness and Urinating in Public
– Dumping Rubbish and Littering

Click here to see a PDF file with the complete LAW REGARDING A CITIZEN’S ARREST



Date Rape Prevention Tips

Although a large segment of society focuses on rape where the perpetrator is a stranger, the majority of rape cases involve a victim who was previously acquainted with the perpetrator. Rapists plan their attacks in advance, and are looking for opportunities to assault victims. No victim nor any manual/guideline can prevent rape, as it is solely the crime of the perpetrator, but there are some general precautions that can be implemented that can reduce the risk of being assaulted in a social setting.

1. Avoid becoming intoxicated in public and at parties — keep yourself to a 1-2 drink limit. Alcohol decreases awareness, so people are less likely to take note of aggressive or coercive behavior. It is best to stay lucid, especially when with acquaintances and strangers.

2. Always keep your eye on every beverage you drink. Keep it with you always- even to the restroom. Date rape drugs like rohypnol (“roofies”), gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) and ketamine, which all can cause loss of or altered consciousness, are easily mixed into drinks when you are not looking. They are mostly tasteless, odorless (difficult to detect) and have no known or easily administered antidotes. Do not drink from communal containers, such as punch bowls.

3. Once you lose sight of your drink, do not consume it any more. A substance could been added to your beverage during your absence, so get another drink. If someone offers to buy you a drink, watch the bartender prepare it and only accept the drink from the bartender.

4. Do not give out personal information (such as your location or mobile number or address) or your daily schedule online. Do not allow new acquaintances to know you are alone at an event or that you live by yourself.

5. Acknowledge and understand that consent to sexual activity can be withdrawn at any time. If you are uncertain that someone wants to engage in further sexual activity, or your sexual partner is not acting responsive to you, then you should stop and ask her/him how s/he feels before proceeding further. Do not take silence as a yes.

6. Communicate your sexual and relationship boundaries clearly. Never assume a person interprets your passivity correctly — where you are disinterested, they may perceive interest or believe that you wish to be pursued. If you are not interested in someone, make that clear to him/her. If a person’s advances make you feel nervous, have nothing to do with them.

7. “No” does not mean “yes, if you pressure someone long enough”. If a person turns you down for either a date or sexual activity, do not continue to press the issue. An individual has the right to end sexual activity, even if they have previously or are currently involved in sexual behavior with you. Do not push personal boundaries.

8. Be cautious if a person habitually tends to negate your opinions and feelings: “You don’t believe that,” or “You really don’t feel that way,”.

9. Be cautious with anyone who displays hostility towards a gender or tends to verbally degrade and stereotype an entire gender: “They’re all bitches or sluts”, “They say one thing when they really mean another,”.

10. Be assertive with anyone who ignores your personal boundaries, regardless of the length of time you’ve been acquainted with the person. You have every right to stop a sexual act from continuing at any time, regardless of your attraction to the other person or any prior sexual acts you have done with them.

11. Make an observation of how an individual treats service staff (waiters, clerks etc. . Is he rude and aggressive with them?

12. Date people whose background you are familiar with in real life. Always meet initial dates in public and do not allow them to come to your home until you have known them for some time. Do not be pressured into inviting an individual into your home, even it’s for an innocuous reason such as having a glass of water or using the bathroom.

13. If you feel uncomfortable during a date, but have no transportation, call a cab. Alternately, use public transport or ask a friend/relative to drop you home. If you have no safe transport, ask a local police person’s help. It is always better to prepare/plan for your return transportation in advance such as being aware of bus timings, cab numbers etc.

14. Avoid going into secluded areas with your date until you have known him for some time. Meet up for dates and leave separately. Or go on double dates until you feel comfortable being alone with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

15. Always let someone know who you are going with and what your itinerary is.

16. Never be alone with people who ignore your personal boundaries. This is specifically directed at individuals who won’t take “no” for an answer when you reject their romantic/sexual overtures and also those who attempt to coerce you into behavior that you find uncomfortable. If someone does this, cut off all communication.

17. A person should never make you feel obligated to engage in a sexual act (this includes kissing) simply because they paid for drinks/dinner/entertainment. You are also not obligated to engage in sexual activity with someone after an ‘X’ amount of dates. Never date a person who espouses those beliefs.

18. Do not go to an apartment or hotel room if you do not know the person well, and don’t let them follow you to your room. Do not give out your room number, and ask hotel/apartment staff not to give out your information to anyone who may call to ask about it. Once you are with someone in their room – or they, in yours – it is much more difficult to extract yourself from a bad situation.

19. If you are at a hotel, nightclub or restaurant alone, ask staff if someone can escort you to your vehicle. Notify staff if someone at the venue is harassing you.

20. Don’t be afraid to leave an uncomfortable environment. If your instincts are warning you to be afraid of a person or a situation, leave immediately.

21. Do not be afraid to make a scene if you feel threatened by an acquaintance. Yell, kick, pound on a wall, throw things, do everything possible to attract outside attention.

22. Act like a “bad” person if you feel threatened. Women especially are taught that in order to be “good,” we must be docile, accepting, quiet and polite. This is wrong, especially at times when you feel threatened. If your instincts tell you that you need to get away from someone, get away and don’t worry about hurting his/her feelings or causing a scene.

23. When going out with friends, watch out for each other. Arrive together, check in with each other at various intervals, and leave together. Don’t allow anyone you do not know take your friend somewhere else, even if it’s not that far away, without checking on your friend first. If a friend appears intoxicated or high, escort them to a safe place immediately.

24. Do not personally engage in or allow anyone in your presence to engage in sexual behavior with a highly intoxicated, high or unconscious individual. If you believe that a person is unable to give consent at that time, or that they are being coerced into a sexual act, make a scene. Tell the perpetrator(s) that you don’t approve of what he/they are doing, demand that the perpetrator(s) stop, and call the police.

25. Resist peer influence to join in on any abusive or criminal act.

26. Offer assistance if you feel that someone is at risk or is being targeted for sexual assault. Call a cab, offer to escort someone home if a situation seems to be getting out hand.

27. If you witnessed what you believe is a sexual assault, or an individual admits to having committed a sexual assault, you are obligated to report this information to the police.

28. During a sexual assault, a victim should follow her instincts, while observing the behavior of the rapist as much as possible. If you find yourself in this situation, do what your instincts tell you to do to survive.

29. Be aware of rape myths and the damage they do to victims, both genders, and general societal perceptions of the nature of sexual assault. Nobody “invites” sexual assault.


  • Aim for the eyes and nose, it can impair his sight. Or if you palm him in the nose bone fragment can travel up to his brain and kill him. Or knocking him in the nose can distract him. He will most likely suspect the groin. But you can go for that too.
  • Do not wait to tell someone what happened to you. Do so immediately. It can be extremely painful to recount the incident so soon after it happened, but the longer you wait, the greater the danger of it becoming a “he said/she said” situation, especially if your assailant is famous or well-respected in the community.
  • If he pushes you against a wall and grabs your neck move your arms in a counter-clockwise motion and push his arm down away from you.
  • Bring emergency cash for a cab ride home and don’t spend it. You may need it for other situations, like being dumped on the roadside or something. If in a foreign country, always possess the name, front desk phone number and your hotel address, (but never your room number) written in a language the cabbie will know. Leave information about where you’ll be, with whom, and when you should return to your room- and how someone might find you.
  • Call your parents if you are stranded somewhere- or a friend who will help. What’s the worst thing you parents can do compared to being raped, killed, or any other unfortunate things? Never feel that you can’t call a parent or a close friend.
  • If you go with a group, try and set guidelines before getting drunk. For example, ask your friends not to let you go home with a stranger after you are drunk, no matter how much you tell them that you feel “fine”.
  • If you must run, take off your heels and go, you are more likely to fall and hurt yourself in heels. Or take off your heels and stab the creep in the face with them.
  • Be cautious of large punch bowls or drinks served by others as drugs are easily slipped into them.
  • Trust your instincts! If you feel uncomfortable in any way DO NOT TRY TO NORMALIZE IT! Tell your date you are sick and about to vomit, or get out of the situation some way. Never doubt your instincts or say you are misjudging him/her. Many look back and realize they had uncomfortable feelings before something bad happened.
  • If the worst should happen, get to the nearest emergency room immediately. Do not bathe, change your clothes or wait until morning. This could compromise or destroy evidence that you were raped and make it much more difficult for the authorities to build a case against your assailant. Physical evidence is your greatest weapon against the person who hurt you.
  • Go to parties with a sober friend or a designated observer who is not drinking, who can watch and protect you.
  • Open your drinks yourself, and don’t share drinks.
  • If they have any sexually oriented items that make you feel uncomfortable, don’t say anything. Just get out of there!
  • If you absolutely must, disable a would-be-rapist so that you can escape.
  • Place several people that love you and would answer and respond to your calls on speed dial. Then, if you are ever in a compromising situation, just hit one number and call without anyone knowing.
  • Always carry your own car keys to get away and use as weapons.
  • Don’t go out with strangers.
  • Keep your wits about you- stay sober.
  • Instead of screaming “Rape!” scream “Fire!” It is more clear and more people would actually try to do something about it.
  • When walking to your car hold your keys like a knife, be ready to stab the creep in the eyes and make him scream. Carry pepper spray at all times in your purse. Attract as much attention as you can.


  • If in a group, look out for each other and don’t let group members wander off alone or with someone unknown to the group.
  • In some cultures, Western women are perceived as “easy.” This creates many problems for traveling women, like an unexpected danger because you may not have done anything that you perceive as provocative. To be safe, NEVER ASSUME THAT THERE IS A NON-SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN- no matter what age- AND ACT ACCORDINGLY. In many cultures, men and women are never casual, asexual friends and if you assume there is a sexual undercurrent (even if it is the last thing you’d imagine) prepare to protect yourself.
  • If he/she starts touching tell them forcefully to stop and walk away, preferably to a place where people are.
  • Always stay alert and aware of your situation.
  • If the offender/rapist is trying to touch or assault you, put your hand in front of you and recite “STOP IT” or kick them in their groin. Never throw a punch unless necessary, it may give easy access to assault you even more.
  • While you should do everything in your power to defend yourself, try and evaluate the situation. Keep “punishment should fit the crime” in mind. Don’t break someone’s nose because they asked for a dance twice or you may have to face assault charges. In any case better safe than sorry; if in doubt, it is better to face potential charges than get raped.

Source: Bara Murali


South Africa Latest Crime Statistics Released – Murders up by 5%

SA Murder rate goes up 5%

Pretoria – The number of murders increased by 800 in the past financial year, national police commissioner Riah Phiyega said on Friday.

Murder up by 5%
Attempted murder up by 4.6%
Hijackings increased by 5.4%

Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm increased by 1.5% and robbery with aggravated circumstances was up by 12.7%. Common robbery went up by 0.6%.Drug-related crimes increased by 26.1% in the past financial year. Rape decreased (hard to believe)

People will argue it has to do with unemployment – But why does India which has a much worse unemployment rate half much lest robberies and murders than in South Africa. The answer would be a stricter system which when you are caught, you know you are going to pay the price as well as harsher sentences and no option to easily get parole after a few months in prison. Besides the unemployment / poverty story, if our investigation system (CID – Criminal Investigation Department) was better, more people would think twice and also if our police’s response time was better.

Many people are now saying that the justice system has really failed us in this country. An ATM bomber also gets 22 years in jail and then Oscar Pistorius will probably get a few months and the most he can get is 15 years with chance of a reduced sentence. The justice system makes no sense.


Police Harassment At Night

In this post, I will first go over 2 stories that have happened 1 week after the other and then also deal with ways of how we can prevent police harassment and what to do if it happens to you.

Justine (surname hidden for protection) recently drove late at night being following by a police car. The police car landed up flashing her with their blue lights. She was scared so she drove a little more as she was very close to her house. The cops put up their sirens and she stopped. The cops (2 males) landed up asking her to climb out of her car and frisked her and took her phone and started looking through her phone numbers. She asked them what this was about.

The police office said “We have a right to search you as we think you are hiding something”. They landed up trying to frisk her and she screamed. They told her they will lock her up if she refuses and that nobody was around. She said she was sorry and started crying. The men said they would make her life a nightmare if she says one word about this. They took her cigarettes and told her they are the law. Luckily the lady was not taken somewhere into a field, raped and then killed.

A week after, we got a call from a gentleman and a lady who were stopped along a not so busy road. They were not drunk all car licensing was in order. Usually when a policeman stops you, they give you a reason. These policemen landed up searching the whole car as they said they suspected the people of a robbery. “We think they thought because it was late at night, that we might be a little drunk and ask us for bribes”. The man, George told the policeman that he can test them for alcohol levels, and the cop straight away said to shut up or he will take him down to the station. They were searched and one of the cops tried to steal the digital camera we had in the back seat.

Luckily we saw him even though the one cop tried with a distraction. We asked him if he liked the camera and he put it on and even tried to steal the memory card out of there. He landed up throwing it onto the backseat. One of the officers also searched the girlfriend in the most horrible inappropriate way. We thought that only a female officer is allowed to frisk a female and vice versa. “We cannot trust the police anymore”.

In a separate case, there has been a police car cloned with people who are not really policemen. Both this and the other cases above could prove fatal so please read the following tips and stay safe!

Now for the tips:

1. Try your best to not drive alone at night especially if you are a woman.

2. Try take busy roads where there are lots of lighting and traffic.

3. When you leave your friends / families house, make sure you tell them that if you do not let them know you are okay within half an hour or however long it should take, they must know something is wrong and follow you or get some help.

4. If you are going to friends / family from your home, let them know you are on your way and if you don’t come back they must look for you!

5. If you have to go into a very quiet dark road, make sure you are not being followed into that road and that there are no police or other suspicious vehicles hiding in that road! You don’t know who to trust these days. However if somebody besides the police is following you, drive past those police officers if they are in your road as they will probably help you as catching a criminal will be good in their books. Alternatively drive to the nearest police station or very busy area like a busy garage full of cars if you have to.

6. Ask a security company to perhaps follow you home or 4-5 people in a car following you especially if you are a single lady in the car.

7. Download a security app that sends out a distress signal to selected friends / family members with your GPS co-ordinates. Also those apps in some cases can be linked with your security company. USE A EMERGENCY alarm that some tracking companies have. Sometimes the reaction time is less than 10 minutes.

8. Hide valuables in your car. Do not keep money on you. If you believe you are being followed… this is the time you get on your phone even while driving and phone your friends and the police if you have to.

9. A good tip – When the police stop you… make sure you make like you are on your phone and let your friends know you have been stopped… let the cops think you are phoning your friends if you don’t get a chance to and make sure the cops hear that you tell them where you are and for example to open up the gate for you.

10. If the cop stops you tell them your friend just phoned you they are waiting by the gate down the road so the cops will know they will come looking for you.

11. The cops will mostly stop to harass you in a quiet road, but if you are in a busy road, try and slow down to see if they go past you. If not stay there in the busy area. If you can, just drive to the garage hopefully there are cars and lots of lighting there.

12. If you have been stopped and the lights / sirens go off, you are going against the law if you do not stop. Do not give them the excuse to arrest you / really harass you. Like I suggest, see points 8, 9 and 10 above. Make sure that if you suspect any activity, use point 7 if you have that option.

13. What is important is stay calm and don’t swear at anybody. You can only report it later on once they have left. Then this case will be investigated probably without any results. Since this has been happening more often, chances are you might be lucky to see some justice.

14. It would be nice if you have access to get a secret recording device and start it when you suspect anything. Some GPS trackers actually have a microphone record button. Do not record from your phone and then hide it otherwise the police might look and find the phone and see what you are doing. Things could get real ugly. Maybe have a hidden phone recording application that is hidden from the police.

These tips could save your life and could allow you to prosecute these people abusing their ranks in the police force. It might seem extreme, but over 50 people have complained about this in the East Rand area alone and hundreds in Gauteng. Don’t let this happen to you.


Till Snatch at Makro

This happened a while back and many people we spoke to have not seen this. Have a look at this incident. Do you think they were all in on it? Scary stuff hey. They should keep a better eye on people with small items like just a small water or a chocolate as they are the ones more likely to be involved in such a scam. You can start watching at around 45 seconds from the start if you are in a hurry but watch everything it just goes to show!

Click here to view the video


Insurance companies might not pay you out if you have an electric fence !!!

New laws say that you need to make sure that your electric fence has been installed by an accredited / certified installation company.

Most insurance companies right now will refuse to pay you out for your insured goods and use the excuse that your electric fence was not put in by a certified company.

In our opinion, this is another way for South African government to make money and for insurance companies to have an excuse not to pay you out. Electrical companies now will have to fork out money for this too probably and also new electrical companies trying to strive might fall away since nobody is going to use them now and yup that means more job losses!

I mean you work hard for your money and still have to pay heavy premiums to insurance companies. Now you come home one day to find out that your house has been robbed empty. You call your insurance company and a few days later you get an email stating that your claim has been rejected due to your electric fence not being compliant.

If you already have an electric fence, make sure it has been sorted out properly and make sure you have an invoice for it and it has been done up to spec by an “accredited” and “licensed” electric fence installer.

If you do not have an electric fence and require one fitted – use a proper company who has the correct certification / accreditation and research it properly.

Otherwise, you could not get a cent back from the insurance companies.

Oh and one more thing – You can get a fine or even get locked up if your electric fence is not up to standards.


Intercom System Method used by House Robberies

intercom crime

These days the criminals use a new method of determining if you are at your home / office to see when they can break into the residence.

What they do is press the intercom button a few times for the following reasons:

1. So they know exactly what time of the day you are at home
2. To get you to come outside so they can access your premises by holding you gunpoint.

The dangerous thing about this is that some criminals are dumb and will land up assuming you are not at home whilst you are busy having a bath / shower or are on the toilet. This is very dangerous as some criminals are animals and will attempt to rape you.

How do I prevent this?

1. When somebody rings your door bell and there is no answer when you speak, be
prepared for somebody breaking into your car sometime during the day / week or
later. The criminals look for a pattern. For example, if you never answer your door
bell from 9-5 then they assume you are at work that time and break into your

2. Get a video intercom. This will allow you to see who is at the door and then only open the gate if it is somebody that you know and fully trust. (see point 3)

3. Ultimately you will need a proper camera system that allows you to see if the criminals are not hiding somewhere waiting for you to go see what is happening.

4. DO NOT GO OUTSIDE NO MATTER WHAT !!! – They could be hiding where your video
intercom can’t see them.So if you have a video intercom system or not, never go out
or open up unless you are 100% sure.

5. Criminals coming in with your domestic as a hostage or perhaps not. Your domestic
might be held at gunpoint. You land up opening for your domestic and Bob’s your
uncle! Be very vigilant. Some domestics actually cannot be trusted and some even
plan this before they start working for you.

6. The criminal(s) might be dressed in security clothing or business-like. Do not
open no matter what. Do not go outside.

7. Make sure your DOMESTIC WORKER knows not to let just anybody in and knows about these methods.

8. Do not give full access to your home to your domestic worker(s). They should not just be able to let people in. This has happened thousands of times where the domestics were part of this inside job! And that is a fact. You don’t know who you can trust these days.

This according to the community patrols has been occurring more and more often these
past few months.


New Act protects against harassment

CAPE TOWN – The Justice Department on Saturday said ensuring the safety of all South Africans was the reason behind the Protection of Harassment Act.

The act launched on Saturday enables all citizens to approach the courts for protection from sexual harassment including mistreatment via sms or e-mail.

The act compels service providers to give the addresses and identity numbers of offenders when asked to do so by the courts.

Previously, only people involved in relationships could seek recourse if they’re victims of domestic violence, through obtaining a protection order.

The department’s Hishaam Mohamed said any unwanted electronic communication can be reported to authorities and it could lead to a conviction.

“This includes emails, sms’s, facebook messages etc. if it is not wanted, it can be reported.”


Take precautions when locking your car

Thieves allegedly watch someone arrive and, once that person is out of the vehicle, press their remote and hold it down. When the owner attempts to lock their car, the signal is jammed and the car remains unlocked, with the owner just going off doing their shopping to come back and notice a stolen radio or even worse – an empty parking space. People should take extra caution when exiting their vehicles as theft with no sign of forcible entry is often found by top insurers in South Africa. Sure, with the newer vehicles, the remotes have encoded signals etc. but that does not stop thieves from blocking out the signal to the car. That can be done and any electronics genius will tell you that.


Latest Hijacking / Theft / Rape / Murder method – BE CAREFUL

According to latest police reports all around the country we just heard from a SAP Officer that these criminals are now using a new technique to commit crimes. This has happened especially in Johannesburg and now all criminals are doing it.