South Africa Latest Crime Statistics Released – Murders up by 5%

SA Murder rate goes up 5%

Pretoria – The number of murders increased by 800 in the past financial year, national police commissioner Riah Phiyega said on Friday.

Murder up by 5%
Attempted murder up by 4.6%
Hijackings increased by 5.4%

Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm increased by 1.5% and robbery with aggravated circumstances was up by 12.7%. Common robbery went up by 0.6%.Drug-related crimes increased by 26.1% in the past financial year. Rape decreased (hard to believe)

People will argue it has to do with unemployment – But why does India which has a much worse unemployment rate half much lest robberies and murders than in South Africa. The answer would be a stricter system which when you are caught, you know you are going to pay the price as well as harsher sentences and no option to easily get parole after a few months in prison. Besides the unemployment / poverty story, if our investigation system (CID – Criminal Investigation Department) was better, more people would think twice and also if our police’s response time was better.

Many people are now saying that the justice system has really failed us in this country. An ATM bomber also gets 22 years in jail and then Oscar Pistorius will probably get a few months and the most he can get is 15 years with chance of a reduced sentence. The justice system makes no sense.


Police Harassment At Night

In this post, I will first go over 2 stories that have happened 1 week after the other and then also deal with ways of how we can prevent police harassment and what to do if it happens to you.

Justine (surname hidden for protection) recently drove late at night being following by a police car. The police car landed up flashing her with their blue lights. She was scared so she drove a little more as she was very close to her house. The cops put up their sirens and she stopped. The cops (2 males) landed up asking her to climb out of her car and frisked her and took her phone and started looking through her phone numbers. She asked them what this was about.

The police office said “We have a right to search you as we think you are hiding something”. They landed up trying to frisk her and she screamed. They told her they will lock her up if she refuses and that nobody was around. She said she was sorry and started crying. The men said they would make her life a nightmare if she says one word about this. They took her cigarettes and told her they are the law. Luckily the lady was not taken somewhere into a field, raped and then killed.

A week after, we got a call from a gentleman and a lady who were stopped along a not so busy road. They were not drunk all car licensing was in order. Usually when a policeman stops you, they give you a reason. These policemen landed up searching the whole car as they said they suspected the people of a robbery. “We think they thought because it was late at night, that we might be a little drunk and ask us for bribes”. The man, George told the policeman that he can test them for alcohol levels, and the cop straight away said to shut up or he will take him down to the station. They were searched and one of the cops tried to steal the digital camera we had in the back seat.

Luckily we saw him even though the one cop tried with a distraction. We asked him if he liked the camera and he put it on and even tried to steal the memory card out of there. He landed up throwing it onto the backseat. One of the officers also searched the girlfriend in the most horrible inappropriate way. We thought that only a female officer is allowed to frisk a female and vice versa. “We cannot trust the police anymore”.

In a separate case, there has been a police car cloned with people who are not really policemen. Both this and the other cases above could prove fatal so please read the following tips and stay safe!

Now for the tips:

1. Try your best to not drive alone at night especially if you are a woman.

2. Try take busy roads where there are lots of lighting and traffic.

3. When you leave your friends / families house, make sure you tell them that if you do not let them know you are okay within half an hour or however long it should take, they must know something is wrong and follow you or get some help.

4. If you are going to friends / family from your home, let them know you are on your way and if you don’t come back they must look for you!

5. If you have to go into a very quiet dark road, make sure you are not being followed into that road and that there are no police or other suspicious vehicles hiding in that road! You don’t know who to trust these days. However if somebody besides the police is following you, drive past those police officers if they are in your road as they will probably help you as catching a criminal will be good in their books. Alternatively drive to the nearest police station or very busy area like a busy garage full of cars if you have to.

6. Ask a security company to perhaps follow you home or 4-5 people in a car following you especially if you are a single lady in the car.

7. Download a security app that sends out a distress signal to selected friends / family members with your GPS co-ordinates. Also those apps in some cases can be linked with your security company. USE A EMERGENCY alarm that some tracking companies have. Sometimes the reaction time is less than 10 minutes.

8. Hide valuables in your car. Do not keep money on you. If you believe you are being followed… this is the time you get on your phone even while driving and phone your friends and the police if you have to.

9. A good tip – When the police stop you… make sure you make like you are on your phone and let your friends know you have been stopped… let the cops think you are phoning your friends if you don’t get a chance to and make sure the cops hear that you tell them where you are and for example to open up the gate for you.

10. If the cop stops you tell them your friend just phoned you they are waiting by the gate down the road so the cops will know they will come looking for you.

11. The cops will mostly stop to harass you in a quiet road, but if you are in a busy road, try and slow down to see if they go past you. If not stay there in the busy area. If you can, just drive to the garage hopefully there are cars and lots of lighting there.

12. If you have been stopped and the lights / sirens go off, you are going against the law if you do not stop. Do not give them the excuse to arrest you / really harass you. Like I suggest, see points 8, 9 and 10 above. Make sure that if you suspect any activity, use point 7 if you have that option.

13. What is important is stay calm and don’t swear at anybody. You can only report it later on once they have left. Then this case will be investigated probably without any results. Since this has been happening more often, chances are you might be lucky to see some justice.

14. It would be nice if you have access to get a secret recording device and start it when you suspect anything. Some GPS trackers actually have a microphone record button. Do not record from your phone and then hide it otherwise the police might look and find the phone and see what you are doing. Things could get real ugly. Maybe have a hidden phone recording application that is hidden from the police.

These tips could save your life and could allow you to prosecute these people abusing their ranks in the police force. It might seem extreme, but over 50 people have complained about this in the East Rand area alone and hundreds in Gauteng. Don’t let this happen to you.


Hi-jacking method resurfacing

What these assholes do is now simply let you know that your boot is not closed properly or something is lose on the back of your car. As soon as you go out to check, then they point a gun to your head and force you in the car where they can either take you to a lonely field and harass you while they steal your cards and test out the pin codes you gave them. Be careful – This happened to a lady the other day and it was in the newspaper as well. The lady went through a horrible ordeal but thank G-D managed to survive with her life.

Unfortunately in our country – criminals rape and kill at every opportunity they get unlike other countries due either to racism or other forms of hatred. Be very careful and if you suspect any problems whatsoever, drive to the nearest police station or if not to a very busy garage with many people. Even though you shouldn’t use your phone while driving, make sure you have somebody on speed dial and call them urgently letting them know what is happening.

Till next time!

~Editor Kyle


My Family Stickers can be dangerous

Yes, these stickers can really put you in danger and I’d recommend you share this with all your friends and family members.


Have a look to see why…

1. They tell Criminals how big your family is.
2. What you have in your household. Some stickers show pictures of a woman on a laptop.

3. If you have dogs and how many you have.

4. Tell the criminals whether you have weapons or not (Some family stickers show the father hunting with his rifle or holding a gun). This could scare them off but also let them know you have weapons to steal off of you.

There was a story actually where the people who were broken into actually were told by the criminals, “It’s all in the stickers on the back of your car.”

Now you might think this is farfetched, but it definitely could make you an easier target. You might have 2 stickers one for you and one for your spouse and then one for your cat. 90% of the people will include a picture of a dog if they had one. So now the criminals know they have a better chance robbing you than somebody else. You are actually making their lives a lot easier.

But anyways, who really cares about your family! And who you have in your family, what pets you have. It’s more of a showing off CUTE type effort story for your friends and family to see. It’s all about the fun factor. But this really is not a good idea and makes you a target.


20% chance they will kill you when they hi-jack you !!! – BE WARNED

According to some statistics, 1 out of 5 people get shot in a hi-jacking situation outside your house or at the robot. It has been proven. Even if you do not resist these criminals, they will shoot you so that you cannot phone the tracking company / police.


Please…. AVOID SUCH A SITUATION. DO NOT SIT on your cellphone sending a BBM or Whats App message to your chommies / loved ones while waiting at the robot or by your drive-through. These criminals will take advantage of this. Please guys do not do this. You are playing with your lives.

Be extra careful. Look around your house, park at an angle where you drive off if you need to. Have a look at our tips on this website.

7 people in just the Kempton Park and Benoni areas have been murdered this way in the past few weeks. Don’t think it won’t happen to you.


Latest Hijacking / Theft / Rape / Murder method – BE CAREFUL

According to latest police reports all around the country we just heard from a SAP Officer that these criminals are now using a new technique to commit crimes. This has happened especially in Johannesburg and now all criminals are doing it.





Hijacking: Numberplate method… Be warned guys and gals

According to some sources, there’s a new hijacking trend going around South Africa… The hijackers will follow their victims to areas with designated parking bays such as shopping malls or centers. After parking your vehicle, the hijackers will remove your license plate and wait for you to drive off. They will then follow you and show your license plate through their window and pretend that they want to give it back to you. You as the driver will appear shocked and confused and stop the car to retrieve your plate. Before you know it they will hijack you, or commit other offences. Please think before you act it uncertain circumstances. Criminals are smart and can portray themselves as anything.


When am I most vulnerable for being Hijacked

At traffic lights 7%
At a stop street 6%
At other intersections 1%
In front of private residences 51%
At business premises 5%
At shops, post offices, telephone booths, etc 3%
At filling stations 1%
Victims sitting in parked cars 10%
Victims forced off road by decoys 4%
Victims parking, i.e. Either starting cars or leaving/approaching parked cars 2%
Victims stationery and working at the roadside, i.e. repairing telephone cables 2%
While loading and offloading goods 2%
By hitch-hikers 1%
While taxis are loading/offloading passengers 4%
Unknown 1%