South Africa Latest Crime Statistics Released – Murders up by 5%

SA Murder rate goes up 5%

Pretoria – The number of murders increased by 800 in the past financial year, national police commissioner Riah Phiyega said on Friday.

Murder up by 5%
Attempted murder up by 4.6%
Hijackings increased by 5.4%

Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm increased by 1.5% and robbery with aggravated circumstances was up by 12.7%. Common robbery went up by 0.6%.Drug-related crimes increased by 26.1% in the past financial year. Rape decreased (hard to believe)

People will argue it has to do with unemployment – But why does India which has a much worse unemployment rate half much lest robberies and murders than in South Africa. The answer would be a stricter system which when you are caught, you know you are going to pay the price as well as harsher sentences and no option to easily get parole after a few months in prison. Besides the unemployment / poverty story, if our investigation system (CID – Criminal Investigation Department) was better, more people would think twice and also if our police’s response time was better.

Many people are now saying that the justice system has really failed us in this country. An ATM bomber also gets 22 years in jail and then Oscar Pistorius will probably get a few months and the most he can get is 15 years with chance of a reduced sentence. The justice system makes no sense.


Robbery Scam / Geyser Scam / Similar Scams

How this happens is the following:

Geyser ScamPLUMBING_AND_GEYSER_REPAIRS_247___0845514054_125717535

You get a call from a person claiming to be from the government and they ask you if they can come check your geyser and then if needed to upgrade it free of charge. They then ask you for your latest details / address.

Afterwards, they let you know they will send out their so-called technicians. Now they know your address and then the unsuspecting person opens the door for them and that is when the robbery occurs.

Be very careful. These guys are armed and dangerous and will use whatever means they can to steal from you. Rather get the phone number and call them back and make sure you fully investigate and inform the police as soon as possible.

Similar Scams

This is similar to the electricity scam where people ask to check your electricity. In a similar manner, people will phone and say they will give you free energy saving light bulbs and you have to give your old ones to them.

Catching the criminals

Some people actually play along and act all naive. As soon as they are outside the house, simply call the local security company and have them locked up. Do not try take things into your own hands. Rather call the police / local security company to hide around the corner.


Insurance companies might not pay you out if you have an electric fence !!!

New laws say that you need to make sure that your electric fence has been installed by an accredited / certified installation company.

Most insurance companies right now will refuse to pay you out for your insured goods and use the excuse that your electric fence was not put in by a certified company.

In our opinion, this is another way for South African government to make money and for insurance companies to have an excuse not to pay you out. Electrical companies now will have to fork out money for this too probably and also new electrical companies trying to strive might fall away since nobody is going to use them now and yup that means more job losses!

I mean you work hard for your money and still have to pay heavy premiums to insurance companies. Now you come home one day to find out that your house has been robbed empty. You call your insurance company and a few days later you get an email stating that your claim has been rejected due to your electric fence not being compliant.

If you already have an electric fence, make sure it has been sorted out properly and make sure you have an invoice for it and it has been done up to spec by an “accredited” and “licensed” electric fence installer.

If you do not have an electric fence and require one fitted – use a proper company who has the correct certification / accreditation and research it properly.

Otherwise, you could not get a cent back from the insurance companies.

Oh and one more thing – You can get a fine or even get locked up if your electric fence is not up to standards.


Intercom System Method used by House Robberies

intercom crime

These days the criminals use a new method of determining if you are at your home / office to see when they can break into the residence.

What they do is press the intercom button a few times for the following reasons:

1. So they know exactly what time of the day you are at home
2. To get you to come outside so they can access your premises by holding you gunpoint.

The dangerous thing about this is that some criminals are dumb and will land up assuming you are not at home whilst you are busy having a bath / shower or are on the toilet. This is very dangerous as some criminals are animals and will attempt to rape you.

How do I prevent this?

1. When somebody rings your door bell and there is no answer when you speak, be
prepared for somebody breaking into your car sometime during the day / week or
later. The criminals look for a pattern. For example, if you never answer your door
bell from 9-5 then they assume you are at work that time and break into your

2. Get a video intercom. This will allow you to see who is at the door and then only open the gate if it is somebody that you know and fully trust. (see point 3)

3. Ultimately you will need a proper camera system that allows you to see if the criminals are not hiding somewhere waiting for you to go see what is happening.

4. DO NOT GO OUTSIDE NO MATTER WHAT !!! – They could be hiding where your video
intercom can’t see them.So if you have a video intercom system or not, never go out
or open up unless you are 100% sure.

5. Criminals coming in with your domestic as a hostage or perhaps not. Your domestic
might be held at gunpoint. You land up opening for your domestic and Bob’s your
uncle! Be very vigilant. Some domestics actually cannot be trusted and some even
plan this before they start working for you.

6. The criminal(s) might be dressed in security clothing or business-like. Do not
open no matter what. Do not go outside.

7. Make sure your DOMESTIC WORKER knows not to let just anybody in and knows about these methods.

8. Do not give full access to your home to your domestic worker(s). They should not just be able to let people in. This has happened thousands of times where the domestics were part of this inside job! And that is a fact. You don’t know who you can trust these days.

This according to the community patrols has been occurring more and more often these
past few months.


My Family Stickers can be dangerous

Yes, these stickers can really put you in danger and I’d recommend you share this with all your friends and family members.


Have a look to see why…

1. They tell Criminals how big your family is.
2. What you have in your household. Some stickers show pictures of a woman on a laptop.

3. If you have dogs and how many you have.

4. Tell the criminals whether you have weapons or not (Some family stickers show the father hunting with his rifle or holding a gun). This could scare them off but also let them know you have weapons to steal off of you.

There was a story actually where the people who were broken into actually were told by the criminals, “It’s all in the stickers on the back of your car.”

Now you might think this is farfetched, but it definitely could make you an easier target. You might have 2 stickers one for you and one for your spouse and then one for your cat. 90% of the people will include a picture of a dog if they had one. So now the criminals know they have a better chance robbing you than somebody else. You are actually making their lives a lot easier.

But anyways, who really cares about your family! And who you have in your family, what pets you have. It’s more of a showing off CUTE type effort story for your friends and family to see. It’s all about the fun factor. But this really is not a good idea and makes you a target.


How many LCD / Plasma TVs / Other appliances get stolen

After having a hunch, we decided to investigate this matter. We approached 250+ clients whose LCD televisions were stolen recently. Over 80% of these stolen LCD TVs were delivered by the company to the customers house. In most cases exactly where the LCD TVs get stolen, the window is broken and nobody else knows about these TVs. Most of the time the house is locked and not even the garden boy knew about the TV / could see it as well as the domestic did not know about it over a weekend or there was no domestic worker at the premises.

So what does this tell us…

The appliance stores delivery guys are advertising your television and other appliances to their criminal friends or even stealing the appliances themselves. Even in 2 cases, the criminals were identified as staff members of the appliance store. These criminals could also be friends or family members of the store members.These criminals actually work for big retailers which we cannot mention for obvious reasons.

Bottom Line:

Do not have your appliances delivered to your residence. Rather have a friend help you out with his / her bakkie or truck.