Is poverty the cause of crime?

Look at India, the crime rate is very little compared to South Africa and guess what? India has a very high poverty rate.

This leads us to some causes of crime:

1. Bad Education: Many of our youths have no knowledge and have been programmed by hate speeches, parents, family to hate each other and to kill for food or for racist purposes. Does primary school, high school help? To a certain extent, people are learned to live with each other and their differences such as race, religion etc. The main thing about having a good education is:

If you have good education…. You will be able to get a job. If you have a job, you will not have to find alternative ways to get money such as theft and murder.

2. Poverty: You have no food? What now? Let’s steal to survive. But why kill innocent people? Because people have been programmed to do that and not to care for ones lives. Poverty has been caused due to a lack of education and tough conditions in our country. Now there is “Equal Opportunity” so anybody can go to school, get an education, and get a good salary unlike the past.

3. Race related – Many crimes are made worse due to the past problems in South Africa. For example, instead of stealing, people get shot dead and sometimes nothing gets taken from their premises. The past is the past and people must stop trying to get revenge over the past.

The solution:

Add the death penalty. Add more severe penalties. If somebody is so desperate for food, they will steal and even enjoy going to jail to eat and have a roof over their heads. This is not everybody but many. If you rape somebody, you should go to jail for at least 25 years or 10 years and get castrated.

Job creation – Let’s say there is a new solar power company in this country and they need 10000 people to create these panels. There are many ways to create jobs in this country and if this country get’s run like it should, things will start coming right.

Better interaction between the different races and religions needs to be implemented in this country. I mean let’s each add 10 new friends to Facebook from different race and religion. Let’s learn about each others cultures.


Many poor countries have much less crime than us. Why is that? What are we not doing? The government perhaps needs to find better ways to deal with crime and get better training methods.

Poverty pays a great role in crime but can be prevented by adding the death penalty and more severe punishment for rapists and also for theft and drugs.


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