South African Elections – Voting Registration Guide – It’s easy to register

There are 2 types of people in this world. Ones that wait for things to happen and the others that make things happen. You can’t expect your party to win in you do not bother to vote. You also do not have a say on anything if you do not vote.

Most people say it’s hard to register and hard to vote. It’s easy. Simply Follow the following steps:


Click here to check if you have registered to vote  – Put in your ID number and verification code displayed on the screen and you will receive an answer right away on whether you are registered to vote or not.

Here is a sample screenshot of the above page…










Don’t stress. It’s easy. In order to register, you will need to go to the closest voting registration station / same as voting station near your area.

* It will probably be one of the local schools in your area

Click here to find the nearest voting station (Where you will need to go to register to vote)

(The voting station finder might take lots of time to get into) – If you can’t access it, feel free to click on the link below and choose a province at the bottom of the page. The province will give you a whole bunch of numbers for official electoral office in which you can call to get information on voting stations.

Click here to find an electoral office to contact if you can’t get into the above link


Now that you know where you need to go register, you will need to go there on the following date:

You can only register yourself on the 9th and 10th of November. Saturday or Sunday between 8am and 5 pm – PLEASE BE THERE – THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY IS DEPENDING ON YOU.

You will need the following in order to register:

  • South African, green, bar-coded ID book,
  • smartcard ID, or
  • Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC) if you don’t have an ID book.


After this waiting period, please check to make sure you are registered to vote by clicking on the link provided in STEP 1 of this guide. Make sure you are registered and if not, you need to find out why not because then it might be corruption.


0800 11 8000 – It works and the guys are actually quite friendly


Till Snatch at Makro

This happened a while back and many people we spoke to have not seen this. Have a look at this incident. Do you think they were all in on it? Scary stuff hey. They should keep a better eye on people with small items like just a small water or a chocolate as they are the ones more likely to be involved in such a scam. You can start watching at around 45 seconds from the start if you are in a hurry but watch everything it just goes to show!

Click here to view the video


New ATM Scanning Devices – ATM Clones – Card Fraud

It has recently come to light that criminals are becoming more cunning in their plans to trick
unsuspecting ATM users out of their funds.  A new device has been discovered, images and
descriptions below, which have been found in Shopping Centres, petrol stations and convenience
stores all over JHB.

Please be aware of these and do not consider this to be something that you will not be a victim of,
chances are, they may already have your details without you even knowing.








These devices, as seen above, are used to scan magstrip details directly from your ATM card.
Simultaneously, while your magstrip is being read, a camera located in the side of the “Skimmer” is
viewing every key you push on the keypad.  This means that not only do criminals have your card
information but also your pin number, making it simple to transfer your details to any card with a
magstrip (Edgars card, expired bank cards, Clicks card, etc) and draw funds from an ATM without your
knowledge.  Please make you friends and family aware of these devices, with an increase of
awareness you may not become a victim.








ATM skimmers: How can you spot a skimming device?

Disguised to seamlessly look like part of an ATM, “skimmers” are devices installed by
thieves to surreptitiously swipe your credit and debit-card information.

How can you tell whether an ATM may have a skimmer installed? And what can you do
at an ATM to protect your information?

If you look at one of these skimmers, they look like part of the machine.  Before swiping
your debit, cheque or credit card, wiggle the protruding slot in which you slide your card,
thieves often install skimmers on top of the ATM’s actual slot and secure the skimmer
with adhesive. Check the device and wiggle it to see if it’s loose or if it falls off. Look for
remnants or residue of double-sided tape. Anything that looks unusual, check it out.

When you type in your PIN on the machine, cover it up so no one can see it, because
some have cameras that is reading or viewing your PIN as you enter it. Finally, if you’re
not sure, just don’t use the machine.









ATM card skimming device attached to ATM machine.
However despite their detailed design, the devices rely on double-sided adhesive and can come
loose.  ATM users are advised to check any machine before they use it. If the keypad is raised
above the surface of the desk at the ATM, it may be that thieves have installed a keypad over the
existing one.
Users are also advised to use only newer ATMs with a green plastic tab protruding from machine
next to the slot. The tab makes it much more difficult for a skimmer to be installed.



Insurance companies might not pay you out if you have an electric fence !!!

New laws say that you need to make sure that your electric fence has been installed by an accredited / certified installation company.

Most insurance companies right now will refuse to pay you out for your insured goods and use the excuse that your electric fence was not put in by a certified company.

In our opinion, this is another way for South African government to make money and for insurance companies to have an excuse not to pay you out. Electrical companies now will have to fork out money for this too probably and also new electrical companies trying to strive might fall away since nobody is going to use them now and yup that means more job losses!

I mean you work hard for your money and still have to pay heavy premiums to insurance companies. Now you come home one day to find out that your house has been robbed empty. You call your insurance company and a few days later you get an email stating that your claim has been rejected due to your electric fence not being compliant.

If you already have an electric fence, make sure it has been sorted out properly and make sure you have an invoice for it and it has been done up to spec by an “accredited” and “licensed” electric fence installer.

If you do not have an electric fence and require one fitted – use a proper company who has the correct certification / accreditation and research it properly.

Otherwise, you could not get a cent back from the insurance companies.

Oh and one more thing – You can get a fine or even get locked up if your electric fence is not up to standards.


Intercom System Method used by House Robberies

intercom crime

These days the criminals use a new method of determining if you are at your home / office to see when they can break into the residence.

What they do is press the intercom button a few times for the following reasons:

1. So they know exactly what time of the day you are at home
2. To get you to come outside so they can access your premises by holding you gunpoint.

The dangerous thing about this is that some criminals are dumb and will land up assuming you are not at home whilst you are busy having a bath / shower or are on the toilet. This is very dangerous as some criminals are animals and will attempt to rape you.

How do I prevent this?

1. When somebody rings your door bell and there is no answer when you speak, be
prepared for somebody breaking into your car sometime during the day / week or
later. The criminals look for a pattern. For example, if you never answer your door
bell from 9-5 then they assume you are at work that time and break into your

2. Get a video intercom. This will allow you to see who is at the door and then only open the gate if it is somebody that you know and fully trust. (see point 3)

3. Ultimately you will need a proper camera system that allows you to see if the criminals are not hiding somewhere waiting for you to go see what is happening.

4. DO NOT GO OUTSIDE NO MATTER WHAT !!! – They could be hiding where your video
intercom can’t see them.So if you have a video intercom system or not, never go out
or open up unless you are 100% sure.

5. Criminals coming in with your domestic as a hostage or perhaps not. Your domestic
might be held at gunpoint. You land up opening for your domestic and Bob’s your
uncle! Be very vigilant. Some domestics actually cannot be trusted and some even
plan this before they start working for you.

6. The criminal(s) might be dressed in security clothing or business-like. Do not
open no matter what. Do not go outside.

7. Make sure your DOMESTIC WORKER knows not to let just anybody in and knows about these methods.

8. Do not give full access to your home to your domestic worker(s). They should not just be able to let people in. This has happened thousands of times where the domestics were part of this inside job! And that is a fact. You don’t know who you can trust these days.

This according to the community patrols has been occurring more and more often these
past few months.


My Family Stickers can be dangerous

Yes, these stickers can really put you in danger and I’d recommend you share this with all your friends and family members.


Have a look to see why…

1. They tell Criminals how big your family is.
2. What you have in your household. Some stickers show pictures of a woman on a laptop.

3. If you have dogs and how many you have.

4. Tell the criminals whether you have weapons or not (Some family stickers show the father hunting with his rifle or holding a gun). This could scare them off but also let them know you have weapons to steal off of you.

There was a story actually where the people who were broken into actually were told by the criminals, “It’s all in the stickers on the back of your car.”

Now you might think this is farfetched, but it definitely could make you an easier target. You might have 2 stickers one for you and one for your spouse and then one for your cat. 90% of the people will include a picture of a dog if they had one. So now the criminals know they have a better chance robbing you than somebody else. You are actually making their lives a lot easier.

But anyways, who really cares about your family! And who you have in your family, what pets you have. It’s more of a showing off CUTE type effort story for your friends and family to see. It’s all about the fun factor. But this really is not a good idea and makes you a target.


New SIM Swap Bank Fraud – Beware it can happen to you in your sleep

In the past few months, more and more people are becoming victims to what is known as SIM Card / OTP PIN bank fraud. Please have a look at the list below of some people who have been frauded out of a great sum of money:

Note which bank they all belong to

Rob Ermes…………………………..R180,000…………………Cell C………….ABSA
Mary-Anne Hattingh…………………R90,000…………………Cell C………….ABSA
Former ABSA employee……………R346,900……………….Cell C………….ABSA
Esmaré Weideman………………….R360,000……………….MTN……………ABSA
Murray Baxter……………………….R117,000…………………MTN…………..ABSA
Gail Peddie……………………………R67,500…………………MTN…………..ABSA
Susan de Klerk……………………..R159,000………………..MTN……………ABSA
Eugene Malan………………………..R97,000………………..MTN……………ABSA
Marco X……………………………….R50,000…………………MTN……………ABSA
Andro Nel……………………………..R19,150…………………MTN…………..ABSA
K Pillay………………………………..R44,000……………….Not reported…..ABSA
Eben van Heerden…………………R110,000……………….Not reported…..ABSA
Beaulinda Meyering…………………R15,000……………….Vodacom……..ABSA
Gerhard van Vuuren………………..R26,655……………….Vodacom………ABSA

Please feel free to add to this list if you have been a victim. Simply add your name, or initials, amount of money as well as the network operating and the bank name.

How it all works

1. Somebody finds out your banking log-in details either by:
a) Sending you a phishing email (not likely since we know by now and most of us are very careful). We also
have anti-phishing software running on our PCs most of the time.
b) Using stupid passwords (some of us still do this but not likely)
c) This leaves us with the sad part of somebody working inside the bank illegally getting your log in
credentials. Inside jobs are quite common in South Africa. It all boils down to security measures that
the banks take to protect your log-in details. It seems that most of these illegal transfers out of your bank
account happen to ABSA account users.

2. Your OTP (One time pin) is sent to your cellphone number so that you can enter it into your bank
account before the transaction takes effect. Now what these fraudsters do is go to a MTN store and simply
do a SIM swap and on the new SIM card, your number get’s copied. In other words, if they put their phone
on, and log into your bank account, they can do whatever they have full carte blanche with your bank
account and all your hard earned money.

Why out of all the OTP verification banks are some banks more common to this fraud than others? This is what some of our viewers think the problem might be. Remember you have the freedom of speech.

1. The bank does not have proper security measures to keep the users passwords safe and properly encrypted
2. There might perhaps be a backdoor somewhere in the banking system that people have figured out
3. Inside job / the bank attendant is watching as the person enters in their pin

It surely can’t only be blamed on phishing scams as otherwise all banks would have these problems !

How can I protect myself

1. Keep your savings in a closed account that no call-out can be done unless you sign papers inside the bank and takes a little while to get going.

2. Regularly check your bank account and keep up to date with what is going on.

3. Add SMS Alerts to all your transactions – Reporting this straight away can be sorted out in many cases

Disclaimer and Copyright:

The name ABSA, MTN, Vodacom and Cell C are all trademarks and belong to their respective owners. This is a free crime website with many contributors and the owners take no responsibility for what is said on this website.




New Act protects against harassment

CAPE TOWN – The Justice Department on Saturday said ensuring the safety of all South Africans was the reason behind the Protection of Harassment Act.

The act launched on Saturday enables all citizens to approach the courts for protection from sexual harassment including mistreatment via sms or e-mail.

The act compels service providers to give the addresses and identity numbers of offenders when asked to do so by the courts.

Previously, only people involved in relationships could seek recourse if they’re victims of domestic violence, through obtaining a protection order.

The department’s Hishaam Mohamed said any unwanted electronic communication can be reported to authorities and it could lead to a conviction.

“This includes emails, sms’s, facebook messages etc. if it is not wanted, it can be reported.”


Do gear locks / steering locks / pedal locks really work?

Yes, certain gear locks can be removed within 2 minutes. Steering and pedal locks can be cut with a hacksaw or the newer stronger ones, with a special tool. In addition to the fact that all 3 locks can be picked by most experienced locksmiths.

That’s not the point… Time is of the essence…

When somebody sees 2 VW Citi Golfs next to each other, who would they pick? The one that is the easiest to steal. So they would pick the one without the gear lock.

So yes, the more you make the criminals life difficult, the less they will want your car. Maybe if you have a limited edition Golf mk2 – 2 door, then yes. But in that case, you shouldn’t be leaving that rare car unattended in the parking lot in the first place!

So yes, to answer your question, gear locks and those things actually work.

Ok let’s see, a decent gearlock, they tried a professional locksmith take it off 7 minutes, then the steering lock, another 4 minutes, then for the pedal lock, they for some reason couldn’t get it loose so they were forced to cut it (lucky it was not the thick type – another 5 minutes.. Then the immobilizer, 2 minutes (yes these guys are good). So yes almost 20 minutes so far. In that case, they will probably just rather look into the car and see what they can quickly steal – so don’t leave your radio or stuff lying around where they are visible.


Take precautions when locking your car

Thieves allegedly watch someone arrive and, once that person is out of the vehicle, press their remote and hold it down. When the owner attempts to lock their car, the signal is jammed and the car remains unlocked, with the owner just going off doing their shopping to come back and notice a stolen radio or even worse – an empty parking space. People should take extra caution when exiting their vehicles as theft with no sign of forcible entry is often found by top insurers in South Africa. Sure, with the newer vehicles, the remotes have encoded signals etc. but that does not stop thieves from blocking out the signal to the car. That can be done and any electronics genius will tell you that.