How many LCD / Plasma TVs / Other appliances get stolen

After having a hunch, we decided to investigate this matter. We approached 250+ clients whose LCD televisions were stolen recently. Over 80% of these stolen LCD TVs were delivered by the company to the customers house. In most cases exactly where the LCD TVs get stolen, the window is broken and nobody else knows about these TVs. Most of the time the house is locked and not even the garden boy knew about the TV / could see it as well as the domestic did not know about it over a weekend or there was no domestic worker at the premises.

So what does this tell us…

The appliance stores delivery guys are advertising your television and other appliances to their criminal friends or even stealing the appliances themselves. Even in 2 cases, the criminals were identified as staff members of the appliance store. These criminals could also be friends or family members of the store members.These criminals actually work for big retailers which we cannot mention for obvious reasons.

Bottom Line:

Do not have your appliances delivered to your residence. Rather have a friend help you out with his / her bakkie or truck.