South Africa Latest Crime Statistics Released – Murders up by 5%

SA Murder rate goes up 5%

Pretoria – The number of murders increased by 800 in the past financial year, national police commissioner Riah Phiyega said on Friday.

Murder up by 5%
Attempted murder up by 4.6%
Hijackings increased by 5.4%

Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm increased by 1.5% and robbery with aggravated circumstances was up by 12.7%. Common robbery went up by 0.6%.Drug-related crimes increased by 26.1% in the past financial year. Rape decreased (hard to believe)

People will argue it has to do with unemployment – But why does India which has a much worse unemployment rate half much lest robberies and murders than in South Africa. The answer would be a stricter system which when you are caught, you know you are going to pay the price as well as harsher sentences and no option to easily get parole after a few months in prison. Besides the unemployment / poverty story, if our investigation system (CID – Criminal Investigation Department) was better, more people would think twice and also if our police’s response time was better.

Many people are now saying that the justice system has really failed us in this country. An ATM bomber also gets 22 years in jail and then Oscar Pistorius will probably get a few months and the most he can get is 15 years with chance of a reduced sentence. The justice system makes no sense.


New Act protects against harassment

CAPE TOWN – The Justice Department on Saturday said ensuring the safety of all South Africans was the reason behind the Protection of Harassment Act.

The act launched on Saturday enables all citizens to approach the courts for protection from sexual harassment including mistreatment via sms or e-mail.

The act compels service providers to give the addresses and identity numbers of offenders when asked to do so by the courts.

Previously, only people involved in relationships could seek recourse if they’re victims of domestic violence, through obtaining a protection order.

The department’s Hishaam Mohamed said any unwanted electronic communication can be reported to authorities and it could lead to a conviction.

“This includes emails, sms’s, facebook messages etc. if it is not wanted, it can be reported.”


SA has highest ratio in prisons and the stupid solution!

South Africa has the highest percentage of citizens in prisons in the world, as reported by a popular TV Station. 3.5 out of every 1 000 citizens are in the correctional centers.

In addition, it was stated that there was a marked improvement in the reduction of overcrowding in prisons. In fact from 170% to 139%. Now what does that tell us.

1. Crime has reduced – NO WAYS!
2. More people are getting out on parole. – YES! SORRY!

In another recent article it was stated that “All inmates sentenced to life imprisonment before October 1 2004 will be subject to an audit, which will focus on the possibility of granting parole, the department of correctional services said on Tuesday”

This is ridiculous. If there was the death sentence, none of this would have happened. Parole should only be considered for people with crimes not as bad as Murder and Rape. Maybe a theft of a mobile phone or a car at most.

“Did you know that a man that had confessed to murdering 3 innocent people has gotten out on parole after only serving 7 years”

Did you know:

The High Court has ordered the early release on parole this week of two convicted wife killers and a man who battered to death his mistress’s husband.

Enough said.