The goverment’s role in crime prevention

Crime in South Africa is not getting any better, if not deteriorating in many areas. People are ever more scared of coming to this beautiful country. The government has put in different measures to improve on crime especially for the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The crime has actually lessened at that period in average. Or everybody was too busy watching the soccer or I don’t know!

The answer is simple. The government will never do enough unless they bring back the death penalty and increase the punishment for breaking the law. Look in Singapore and other places, they chop your finger off for a first theft offense. They chop off your hand the next time you steal. You get fined for throwing bubble gum in the street. If you rape somebody, you don’t want to know what will happen to you!

Why not bring back the death penalty? People steal for food, then they land up in jail and have free food and accommodation. People murder and go to jail after being released within a few years. That is why the crime is horrible. What other country gives a person 3 years for rape and 5 years for stealing a car.

Makes no sense. Take your time to answer the poll in this post.

Is the government playing its role in crime prevention in South Africa?

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